Undiagnosed Asthma. Asthma comes from the word "asthma" is derived from the Greek word meaning "difficult to breathe."Asthma is known because of the symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing caused by airway narrowing.Asthma is a disease that has many causes, which most often because of atopy or allergy. The factors that cause and trigger asthma include house dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke, smoke mosquito coil, and others.

Some asthma sufferers worldwide was not diagnosed and uncontrolled. Factors that cause asthma is not controlled, because the symptoms are often overlooked that doctors and patients. This resulted in asthma mortality is high.

Decrease in environmental quality and changes in lifestyle suspects is a factor that has led to a growing number of asthmatics. WHO notes that in today's world is about 300 million people with asthma, and increased by 400 million (33 percent) over the next 20 years. Asthma is now the fifth of the disease leads to death in the world.

Mortality from asthma throughout the world reached 17.4 percent. In 2005, the WHO estimates the number of deaths from asthma to reach 255,000 people. And if this disease get diagnosed early, and patients know how to control it, people with asthma can live normal and healthy.

Asthma is not curable and drugs are currently only serves to eliminate symptoms. However, by controlling the asthma, asthma sufferers can be free from asthma symptoms that interfere so as to undergo activities of daily living.

Given the many risk factors that play a role, then the priority treatment of asthma has so far aimed at controlling symptoms. Good control is expected to prevent the exacerbation (recurrence of asthma symptoms), normal lung function, obtained a good social activity and improve quality of life of patients.
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