Alternative exercise for slim body

Alternative exercise for slim body. There are many questions about how to burn fat. Generally you can do with a morning jog. But there are times when we are bored or can not get out coincidence, either because of rain or other things. There are alternatives that can be done as a substitute for a morning jog and it can be done at home.

One who usually become the alternative immediately to mind is a treadmill. But surely not everyone has a treadmill. There are many simple ways you can do to do cardio exercises at home.
Skipping [Alternative exercise for slim body]

Skipping [Alternative exercise for slim body].
Jump rope is a simple exercise you can do inside the house. In most cases this is done with a jump rope jump the same all the time. Of course you will ask how many minutes should do it right? We suggest you do the jump rope with the pattern of High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]. OK, do not need too much to digest, just remember HIIT. The method is as follows:
  1. You need to know there are 2 types of jumps, quick jumps and leaps are slow. Quick leap carried out with the jump is not too high so that you can do quickly. Done with slow leap jump higher so that it will feel much slower than the first. 
  2. Make a quick jump 30 seconds or about 50 times, then do a jump slow 1 minute, or about 50 times as well. 
  3. After the jump slow finish means you've completed 1 cycle, returning to leap quickly that you complete a row up to 3 cycles.
In this first exercise try to stop after 3 cycles. Wait a while and see if there is a sense of dizziness. If yes, then your stamina was draining because you are not used in training. Since it first and stop on your next day exercise just add 1 cycle again.

Weight Combo [Alternative exercise for slim body].
You could say this kind of weight training a modified method that applies as a cardio workout. We offer a few alternatives Combo Weight exercises you can do where all the exercises consist of Exercise A and Exercise B. The steps are:
  1. Do Exercise A to 30 count 
  2. Directly proceed to Exercise B to 30 count 
  3. After Step 2 is complete then you finish 1 cycle 
  4. Repeat step 1 until you have completed 3 cycles
Just like skipping, you should consider whether there is a sense of dizziness, if so stop first because you are not familiar. Continue on the next day.
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