Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

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Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits. Mothers of young children know that routine is important to sleep, and they're right. Habit helps your body know when to relax into sleep and makes it possible to drift off easier. To get yourself into a healthy sleep habit, try making these little adjustments to your boudoir repertoire.
  1. Go to bed and wake at approximately the same time daily. Keep to your schedule. If you do stay up a little extra- ate one night, keep your wake up time. Establishing a pattern lets your body know what to expect and makes falling asleep easier. 
  2. Don't have caffeine or nicotine in the evening. These are both stimulants and will keep you awake. 
  3. Keep your bedroom cool, dark, comfortable, and orderly. These environmental cues help you relax and let go of your day.
Are your thoughts keeping you up? Are you so busy racing though your schedule for the next week or trying to juggle your finances without a pen and paper that you can't transition into a peaceful night's sleep? Try listening to a guided meditation, a soothing book on tape, or a mellow radio voice like that of Garrison Keillor. Listening to someone else helps to quiet your inner dialogue and helps your drift off to sleep.

One last bedtime ritual that works for many people is journaling. Traditionally, this is away to catalog your day, ease your anxieties, and incorporate memory-keeping.

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