CRANBERRIES│ZOMBIE│Kunci Gitar/Chord/Lirik Lagu

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Kunci Gitar/lrik lagu-Zombie-Cranberries
CRANBERRIES│ZOMBIE│Kunci Gitar/Chord/Lirik Lagu. ZOMBIE merupakan salah satu lagu yang terdapat pada album No Need to Argue. Lagu ini salah satu lagu Evergreen milik cranberries selain Ode to my Family dll. Berkisah tentang kehidupan kelam dari efek sebuah peperangan sebagai ungkapan keprihatinan cranberries pada saat pembantaian etnis "Bosnia".
Kunci Gitar/Chord/Kord/Lirik Lagu│ZOMBIE│CRANBERRIES
key: Em
Em]         C 
  Another head hangs lowly 
G               D/F# 
Child is slowly taken 
Em                  C  
  And the violence caused such silence 
G             D/F# 
Who are we mistaken 
but you see, it's not me 
it's not my family 
in your head, in your head 
they are fighting 
With their tanks, and their bombs, 
and their bombs, and their guns 
         G                           D/F# 
In your head, in your head they are cryin' 

CHORUS -----------------------------------------
         Em             C 
In your head, In your head 
     G              D/F# 
Zombie, zombie, zombie êh êh 
                Em            C  
What's in your head, in your head 
     G             D/F# 
Zombie, zombie, zombie êh êh êh ôh
Another mother's breakin' 
heart is taking over 
when the violence causes such silence 
we must be mistaken 
it's the same old theme since 1916 
in your head, 
in your head they're still fightin' 
With their tanks and their bombs 
And their bombs and their guns 
In your head, in your head they are dying 


+- CHORDS USED -------------+
|                           |
| Em - 0,2,2,0,0,0          |
| C - X,3,2,0,1,0           |
| G - 3,2,0,0,3,3           |
| D/F# - 2,X,0,2,3,2        |
|                           |

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